Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tweets: November 29, 2009

  • 01:27  Just finished watching the movie "Deconstructing Harry" directed by Woody Allen. It was really funny and I laughted a lot during the movie!

  • 01:31  Among Woody Allen's works, I like "Manhattan" the best, but I also like his recent works shot outside of

  • 01:34  Luckily my wireless Internet connection just got fixed. I will do my online shopping tomorrow. There are tons of books and DVDs to buy!

  • 10:08  'Morning! Woke up a short while ago. Started my day by surfing the Net with my iPhone. It's going to be another wonderful day today!

  • 11:40  Watched the Spanish movie "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" this morning. I've seen it a dozen times, but I still love it!

  • 12:57  Now that I've finished my sumptuous lunch, I need to get back to my French learning!

  • 14:37  Am taking a breather from my French learning now. I'm already halfway through today's portion. It's fun as usual!

  • 14:40  正在聽大陸歌手孫楠於幾年前所推出的『燃燒』專輯。他的歌喉確實不錯,我很喜歡!

  • 15:08  今日のフランス語の勉強がさっき無事に終わりました。これからネットで買物をします!

  • 18:06  ネットでのショッピングは完了です!商品を厳選していたので時間がかかりました!

  • 23:37  さっき夜の買物を終えて家に帰ってきました。面白い雑誌を買いました。ブログで紹介したいです!

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