Monday, November 23, 2009

Tweets: November 22, 2009

  • 00:39  今夜はInternet Explorerの調子が悪くて何回も勉強中にエラーメッセージが出ました。Google Translatorを昨日インストールしたのですが相性が良くないみたいです。

  • 00:50  決定今晚不再上網了!會繼續看法國電影『去年在馬倫巴』的DVD。

  • 01:20  I'm currently watching French movie "Last Year at Marienbad". The problem is that I don't understand it at all! It's too profound for me!

  • 01:22  I am right now halfway through the movie. I'll watch the rest tomorrow. Think it's quite artistic and beautiful all the same!

  • 01:41  現在正在收看臺灣Channel V的音樂飆榜節目。我已經很久沒有看流行歌曲的排行榜了,都不知道現在在流行些甚麼樣的歌曲!

  • 01:49  剛剛看了蕭亞軒跟羅志祥合拍的MV。我覺得他們超酷!

  • 01:56  排行榜的第一名原來是蕭敬騰的新不了情。我不怎麼喜歡他的唱腔。

  • 02:04  Now I am watching The Practice, my favorite program!

  • 03:18  Am lying on my bed now, getting ready to sleep. Have set my alarm for 8 tomorrow morning, as I don't want to oversleep.

  • 03:21  今夜は苫米地さんの本を再度読んで、ようやくエフィカシーという用語の意味を理解できました!

  • 08:24  Just woke up a few minutes ago. Have a feeling that it's going to be another wonderful day today!

  • 09:00  剛剛吃完了早餐,現在就開始學習法語!

  • 10:25  今朝は新しい方法でフランス語のイディオムを15個学んで見ました。効果が上々ならブログにて公開します!

  • 10:31  剛剛聽了陶喆的太平盛世專輯,非常好聽!我覺得他還是適合唱R&B!

  • 10:35  The Internet explorer is working well today, luckily! I know that it was the WordTranslator of Google Translate that was causing the error.

  • 11:55  Just finished surfing the Net. Read my favorite blog, but I'm not gonna tell you which one. It was brilliant and thought-provoking as usual!

  • 13:11  これから勝間和代さんの『断る力』を読みます。

  • 14:48  『断る力』は半分まで読みました。これからまたフランス語の勉強に戻ります!

  • 14:51  Like the concept of "return maximization" put forth in Ms Katsuma's book!

  • 17:33  ただいまフランス語のイディオム勉強中です!現在ちょっと休憩中。イディオムは面白いです!

  • 17:34  As of now I have 8 followers of my tweets. Hope the number can increase in the coming weeks!

  • 17:43  今天下午看了鳳凰衛視關於中國跟阿爾巴尼亞兩國之間的經貿援助關係的紀錄片。內容非常有趣。我覺得鳳凰台製作的節目很有質量!我最愛看的節目是『魯豫有約』!

  • 17:46  For those of you who follow me, do you find it disruptive that I switch from language to language? Code-switching constantly occurs to me!

  • 18:39  勉強が終わりました!これから外に出かけて遊んできます!

  • 21:00  這是我於今晚在新加坡的市中心拍攝的照片。我熱愛這個城市的紙醉金迷與繽紛燦爛!

  • 21:24  I've learned today that stress leads to oxidization and makes you age faster. Need to avoid having too much stress in life!

  • 22:32  Just finished watching French movie "Last Year at Marienbad." Didn't understand the movie at all!

  • 22:38  今朝は早起きしたおかげで、もう眠気が襲ってきました。日曜の夜に早寝できるのは幸せです。新しい1週間も快適なスタートを切れるでしょう!

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