Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tweets: November 28, 2009

  • 10:54  Morning! Woke up at 9:45, but stayed in bed until just now, surfing the Net using my iPhone.

  • 10:57  Will watch shortly the remainder of the movie "The 400 Blows". I have roughly 20 minutes remaining on this film.

  • 12:11  Am now at Arab Street, sitting at a French restaurant, waiting for the food to be served. This restaurant serves excellent food!

  • 12:48  I'm about to finish lunch. After I get back to my flat, I need to study some French as usual!

  • 12:55  Finished watching the movie "The 400 Blows" this morning.

  • 12:57  Now I want to see the movie "Stolen Kisses" by the same director.

  • 15:27  I've just finished learning French for the day. I'm really thrilled that my French is improving day by day!

  • 16:59  これから買物をします。と言っても、出かけるのではなくて、ネットでフランス語のイディオム関係の本を幾つか購入しようと思います!

  • 23:09  There's something wrong with the wireless network at my place and I can't get connected to the Internet with my PC. It sucks, big-time!

  • 23:12  Given that I can't surf the Net with my PC, I'll do some reading or watch a DVD to kill my time! Hope the problem will be fixed tomorrow!

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