Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tweets: November 30, 2009

  • 01:22  If possible, I want to go to Istanbul for my next vacation!

  • 10:19  Woke up a short while ago. Am feeling wonderful after a good night's sleep. This week I will be working on night shift.

  • 11:58  Just finished learning French for the day. Today I've learned another 25 idiomatic expressions. Up till now I've learned about 200 of them.

  • 12:02  Given that my target is to learn 500 idiomatic expressions, I am about 40% done. I'm confident that I can achieve my goal in about 2 weeks!

  • 12:58  我喜歡聽盧廣仲的第二張專輯『七天』!

  • 20:36  Finished dinner just now, and I'm back to work! There's so much to do and quite frankly I don't know where to begin...

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