Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tweets: December 2, 2009

  • 13:58  Finished learning today's portion of French idioms. Up till today I've learned about 250 idiomatic expressions. Will keep on learning!

  • 14:07  今天早上,我聽了林憶蓮於1996年推出的『夜太黑』專輯。這張專輯我已經聽過無數遍,到現在還是覺得這是林憶蓮最好的專輯之一。另外,我也非常喜歡聽她在2005年推出的粤語專輯『本色』!

  • 18:08  Am taking a one-minute breather from work now. Luckily today is shaping up to be a less stressful day.

  • 18:10  Still haven't made the final decision on where to go during my vacation, which is coming up in just 3 days. I migh

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