Friday, October 31, 2008



I don't normally use this expression, as I'm not a big fan of acronyms, but this is exactly the way I feel today!

It's been a long, long week for me, and I'm soooo glad that it's Friday today at last!

Come to think of it, the entire October has been a whirlwind month for me (and for people around the world), and I'm really glad that it's finally coming to an end!

Had yet another stressful day at the office yesterday, and I had to stay there until 2:30 a.m. I was able to get a lot done, but there are still some pending issues waiting to be resolved at work!

I hope that in November things will start to calm down such that everyone can lead a normal life.

I have around 1 hour before leaving for work, so I'll get to my French learning as soon as I finish posting this.

Wish you all a nice weekend, and a very prosperous new month!

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