Monday, October 27, 2008

No Visitors Yet!

I've noticed that there haven't been any visitors yet to this blog.

According to my StatCounter statistics, there has been a page-view by someone in Galicia, Spain, but that page-view only lasted a split-second, so it doesn't really count as a visit.

But I'm sure that there will start to be some visitors within the next few weeks, probably those who follow the link from my Japanese blog. That will be a start.

I think I will buy Blogging for Dummies and learn how to market this blog, so that it will be known to more people.

In the mean time, I will be patient.

This morning, I will study around 100 new French vocabulary words.


smooth criminal said...

hehe! dont worry man! one more visitor 2 ur blog! :)
and well. . iam also new to the blogosphere and well....facing ur same prob! deficency of visitors!
it wld be really thankful if u wld visit my blog too! :)

Uncle Polyglot said...

Hi smooth criminal,

Welcome to my first ever English-language blog!

Many, many thanks for your comment and warmest greetings!

It really feels great to have my first visitor, especially someone like you who are kind enough to leave a comment!

I will be visiting your blog soon!

Have a nice day!