Saturday, November 1, 2008

Feeling Fresh as a Daisy!

Good afternoon from Singapore!

My tumultuous workweek has finally finished, and I am right now sitting at my computer savoring the peace and quiet of Saturday afternoon.

Had more than enough sleep last night, and I'm feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Later today, I'll have to finish my chores, including vacuum-cleaning my apartment and the laundry.

In the evening, I am invited to my friend's birthday gathering at his apartment in the eastern part of the city. I will probably get him a bottle of wine.

By the way, this guy who's having a birthday today is a Swiss French, who for some reason speaks fluent Japanese and English, aside from French, his mother tongue.

It feels a bit strange to see this Caucasian guy speaking Japanese so fluently! Maybe I can ask him today how he came to be so good in Japanese.

Talk to you later!


Masato said...

Congratulations on having started this blog !

This is Shacho. I wrote in your guest book the other day.
It's a great idea for you to write in English in this space. and it's great for us, English learners, too. I'd be really happy if you wouldn't mind my dropping a line in this page once in a while, 'cause we share our interests and that I have little opportunity to use English now...

This Swiss-French guy may look strange when he speaks Japanese fluently, but think about yourself, Mr. Polyglot, you too must look strange to him, speaking many languages!!!

Uncle Polyglot said...

Hi Shacho,

Many, many thanks for your warmest greetings!

I'm really thrilled that you have taken the time to visit my English blog also!

Currently, I have yet to set the specific purpose or direction for this new blog, but I'm sure I will find what I really want to focus on as I go along.

Either way, in the coming months, I will strive to make this blog more and more interesting, such that my readers can actually find it worth their while to visit here frequently.

By the way, if you have a blog of your own, be it English or Japanese, please let me know. I'd love to read it!

Also, please excuse me for addressing you in a yobisute manner here; this is to be fair to my non-Japanese readers.

By the same token, please don't hesitate to address me as Uncle Polyglot or simply Polyglot, instead of Mr. Polyglot.

Looking forward to your next visit soon!

Uncle Polyglot

Masato said...

Thank you for your fast reply!

Well, currently I don't have any blog that's active... but I've been thinking of starting one in English like you did. It won't be such an interesting blog as yours, though...

When I open my blog page, I'll definitely give you a holler!