Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First Copy of Esquire!

For the very first time in my life, I bought a copy of Esquire magazine yesterday, along with a few other male fashion magazines.

I've known about this American magazine since I was a teenager, but I never imagined that one day I would become interested in fashion, and would actually buy a copy of Esquire!

I flipped through this magazine from cover to cover twice yesterday. It is full of cool and inspiring pictures, and I'm loving it already! What's more, there are some interesting fashion and grooming tips inside, which can be very useful for a fashion novice like me.

I will go through this copy again and again, until next month's issue of Esquire comes out!

In other news, yesterday I bought (also for the very first time) a packet of oil-absorbing sheets!

The idea of buying oil-absorbing paper came to me when I was riding a bus 2 days ago, when I suddenly saw this teenage guy sitting across from me take out a packet of oil-absorbing sheets and started to wipe his face.

I was really impressed that this guy was actually making efforts to maintain a clean-cut appearance, and afterwards I was so anxious to get a packet for myself! At the age of 35, I still have a lot to learn from those kids who are half my age!

When I actually used the oil-absorbing paper, I was really amazed at the amount of sweat and oil that collects on my face in the course of the day. From now on I want to make it a habit to use oil-absorbing paper from time to time, so that my pimples can disappear one by one!

By the way, ever since I started this English blog, I've been searching for a specific purpose or direction for this blog. Maybe I can make fashion and grooming one of my major topics here, as it is a lot of fun, and it's definitely one of my areas of interest!

We'll see how it goes...


Masato said...

looks like you've found one of the would-be main topics on this blog!

The oil-absorbing paper is great, but putting moisturizing water and cream onto your face to make it revitalized is as indispensable.

It'd be best if you can slather on moisturizing liquid everytime you wash your face.

Saying this, I'm not so sure about taking care of the appearances... Maybe I need to study fashion too. well, might as well keep reading this blog! so please keep us readers posted!!

Uncle Polyglot said...

Hi Shacho,

It's great to have you back, as always!

Seems like you are much more advanced than I am in the area of grooming! Many thanks for your tip!

Up till now, I have yet to use any moisturizer, and quite honestly I don't even know what a moisturizer is for!

I really need to study up in this area, as I still have a long way to go...

By the way, I've learned from your blog that you've been reading Men's Health magazine recently to study English. Is it any good?

Aside from fashion and grooming, maybe I can also study up on fitness.

I don't want to become a heavily muscular, macho type of guy, but I believe that exercising in moderation can do me a lot of good.

Please keep me posted on your findings!

Uncle Polyglot