Monday, November 3, 2008

Bought "Blogging for Dummies"!

Look! I went to Books Kinokuniya yesterday and bought Blogging for Dummies!

When I was at the bookstore, I already flipped through this manual from beginning to end at least twice. The more I browsed, the more I felt that this manual is useful, so I decided to buy it.

It would be great if I can use an idea or two from this manual, to make this blog a more interesting read for everybody!

I will keep trying!

Have a prosperous week ahead!


Masato said...

What a name for a book! "for dummies"!! I've known this series for a while but I've never bought any. Is it really fool-proof? well since you're not a dummy, there's no way to prove that... by the way i started my japanese blog. i'd be happy if you check it out.

Uncle Polyglot said...

Hi Shacho,

Welcome back to my English blog, and many thanks for your comment!

So far, I have only flipped through this manual, but I've already learned that is a good place to start an English blog (as compared to Yahoo! Japan blog, for example, which is not really English-compatible).

I've also installed a visitor tracking device from, which is also introduced in this manual. It's really cool and user-friendly!

By the way, it's great to know that you've started your own blog! I will check it out tonight for sure!

Uncle Polyglot

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