Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bought a Men's Fashion Manual!

Hello, everyone!

It's finally Saturday again, and I can take some time to update this English blog.

It feels so great to be back!

A few days ago, during my lunch break from work, I was browsing a bookstore in the vicinity of the office and found this fashion manual for men.

I flipped through the manual from beginning to end, page by page, and decided to buy it on the spot. It provides some very useful tips on do's and don'ts on men's fashion items, and seeing as I am too shy to consult my friends when it comes to fashion, I think this manual can really come in handy!

At the price of 50 Singapore dollars (approx. USD 33 or JPY 3,300), I think I can get more than my money's worth from this manual.

Although in the workplace, I have been paying attention to my appearance and am quite proud of the way I look, during weekends, when it comes to wearing casual clothes, I am not much of an expert.

But I'm sure things will start to change with the purchase of this fashion manual!

I aspire to become a dandy, dapper, and downright cool Uncle Polyglot!

Wish you all a nice weekend!


Masato said...

wow! looks like a nice tactic to take your fashion to another level! I wish I had a book like that too. It'd let me be better at coordinating my outfits...

Uncle Polyglot said...

Hi, Sacho,

Welcome back to my English blog!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

This manual is full of nice pictures and plain, simple explanations, and is really useful for a fashion novice like me.

Going forward, I want to get more manuals like this and really study up on men's fashion.

It's a lot of fun!!!