Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Learned about RSS Today!

I learned this evening in Blogging for Dummies how to track blog updates in newsreaders using RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

RSS allows me to keep track of the new posts of the blogs that I am following, by letting them appear in my newsreader every time there is a new entry in any of my favorite blogs.

Up until now, I have been going through my favorite blogs one by one each day to check whether there have been any updates, and this tedious task has been taking up a humongous amount of time and energy, so I'm really glad that I've found a way to simplify this exhausting routine!

For starters, I went to Google Reader (www.google.com/reader), and registered the whole bunch of cool blogs that I am currently following.

From now on, all I need to do is to access this page to get an update on what's new on my favorite blogs. Going forward, by using RSS, I will be able to save tons of time!

I am sooooo excited!!!

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