Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Learning French Slang at Full Throttle!

For those of you who have not been following my Japanese blog, this is a continuation of the 2 latest posts, in which I've written that my laptop has broken down and that I've been making do with my iPhone for the Internet access.

As my iPhone's Japanese keyboard is also out of order, I am left with no choice but to blog in English, which is something that I'm not really accustomed to do.

Anyway, given that Yahoo Japan's blogging platform has poor compatibility with the English language, I will write my further English posts here. I will resume blogging at my Japanese blog site as soon as my laptop gets fixed.

I've been really busy with my work these past few weeks, but I've somehow managed to stay diligent in my French studies, and I've been hitting the books everyday.

Currently I am studying Dictionary of French Slang and Colloquial Expressions, published by Barron's. I started learning this dictionary on April 1, and so far I have covered the first 95 pages out of the total of 374 pages, amounting to a bit more than a quarter of the dictionary. The number of slang items learned is roughly 1,100 as of today.

Up till now, learning French slang has been an immensely enjoyable experience, and doing my daily learning routine after a stressful day at work really relieves my tension and lifts up my spirits! I can sense that my French is progressing by leaps and bounds (if I say so myself), and this is a wonderful feeling!

I'm determined to keep the momentum going, and I plan to finish learning this dictionary by the target date of July 14.

Talk to you again soon!


I am Mattimus. said...

I'm glad you updated your English blog (I can't read Japanese very well at all). I'm also studying French, but I'm pretty new at it. Best of luck in your studies!


Uncle Polyglot said...

Bonsoir, Matt!

It's great to hear from you again!

I'm really glad and impressed that you've checked out my latest post only a few minutes after I posted it!

My apologies for not writing often enough in English. It's not that I don't have the time, but it's simply that I'm always inclined to write in Japanese due to my level of comfort with this language.

Having said that, I need to be mindful of the fact that there are quite a few non-Japanese readers like you who check out this blog (particularly those who visit this blog through the link from my YouTube channel), and I really need to be more considerate. Will try to write more in English going forward!

I already know from your comment on Tetsu's blog that you've been learning French like I do. Hope your studies are coming along just fine. It would be great if you can set up your own language learning blog so we can keep each other up-to-date and share our joy of learning French together. Give it a thought, please!

Here's to wish you success in your French learning! Bonne chance!

Uncle Polyglot

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